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Multichannel order management software (OMS)  for wholesalers OMS provides efficient order processing workflows to ensure that orders from all channels are managed in one place and automated wherever possible.

When it comes to order management, you are all too well acquainted with the limitations of fax machines, paper and manual processes. You realize that automation is the way to go.

  • Streamline lab and radiology orders
  • Enable electronic communications to speed up decisions.
  • Save time and simplify tasks with easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces.
  • Impose real-time tracking so you know the status of each order at any moment.
  • Reduce the risk of potentially costly security breaches.
  • Generate reports that help you measure outcomes and support compliance requirement

OMS Integration Features

Product Overview

Patient Connect Portal – Order Management System Integration (OMS)

  • Synchronize between Order Management System and MS- Dynamics.
  • Synchronize the Institution information between D-360/Order Management/ Patient Portal.
  • Establishing a link between Patient Portal and Order Management System.
  • Using SSO allow the users to login into Patient Portal and Order management Portal to onboard a Patient or place an order.
  • OMS support to onboard a Patient if there is no Order exist or onboard a Patient without an order.
  • Re-allocation of existing orders to the new patient IDs can be done in case if any patient doesn’t show up against an order.
  • For a No-Show Patient and shelf life Products, you can reallocate the Patient for same Order and Dosage.
  • OMS supports to communicate and converse with your customers using any of their favorite channels

Patient HUB-OMS Integration

Order Management System User Connecting to Patient Hub

Patient HUB-OMS Integration

Patient Hub User Connecting to Order Management System

OMS Integration

Orders Mapping / Reallocation to Patient Reference ID

Functional Capabilities - Order Management System

User Configuration

Facility Configuration

Product Configuration

Test Kit Order Creation

Order Creation

Reallocation of Orders

Displaying Onboarded Patient IDs


Order Tracking

Chat Assistance

Video Assistance


Health Care

Digital medicine uses technology to help make the care you receive better by collecting more health data than was previously available. Many digital medicines provide personalized information to either healthcare providers or consumers. This information can then be used to guide treatment decisions or potentially suggest medication dose changes.

  • Digital Medicine includes evidence-based software and hardware products that measure and/or intervene in the service of human health.
  • Requirements for regulatory oversight vary. DM are classified as medical devices require clearance or approval.DM products used as tool to develop other drugs, devices, or Medical products require regulator acceptance by appropriate review division.
These DTx products may be something that you can buy on your own — like an over-the-counter (OTC) product — or that your healthcare provider prescribes to you. Prescribed digital therapeutics (PDTs) would be similar to a medication that you take. But instead of going to the pharmacy for refills on medications, it may be an app or device that you use and your provider can remotely monitor to see if it is helping you

DTx are still relatively new and undergoing clinical testing. But several are on the market, including:
  • An app that can help people with Type 1 or 2 diabetes manage their condition and help guide insulin dosing
  • An app that uses AI to help people with depression overcome negative thoughts and behavior over a 12-week treatment period with one to two 30-minute sessions a week
  • A app that helps with muscle pain by using your smartphone’s camera to help guide you through physical therapy and provide feedback on your progress
Digital health includes Lot of benefits technology that you may already use, such as:
  • Improving communication with your healthcare provider
  • Sharing health data (e.g., blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature) with your healthcare provider from home instead of waiting for an appointment
  • Helping healthcare providers better customize treatments and healthcare decisions
  • Making healthcare providers and services more accessible for people
  • Lowering healthcare costs
  • Telehealth platforms
  • Exercise and diet apps
  • Medication adherence apps
  • Meditation and mindfulness apps
  • Fitness trackers that measure how far you walk or how well you sleep
  • Smartwatches that track health vitals (e.g., heart rate, blood pressure)
Digital Disease Management
Digital platforms that help patients with chronic conditions or help with prevention
Consumer Digital Medicine

Products and services ordered and paid for by consumers (e.g., “wellness apps”)

Digital Diagnostics

Digital products that clinically diagnose or facilitate a diagnosis, often assisted by AI

Digital Component

A digital element of a previously existing drug or medical device

Prescription Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Digital therapies prescribed to treat a medical condition

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