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We learned by combining from some of the best of the breeds, we don’t want to re-invent the wheel. We strongly believe in co-collaboration/Innovation and Investments. We want end-users to be center and we dive ourselves into the shoes of our customers in understanding their customers. Learnt from best i.e Apple not mentioning their product features, whether it is 7 or 70 years old! In mere minutes, the end users discover how to connect and sync perfectly.

“Our Commitment is to make conversational Platform  to connect your users and interact and transact through their daily conversations”.

The heart of the Microgrid cloud consists of programmable platforms that simplify your most complex customer interactions and business processes that take place over the phone for end-users, making them more user-friendly. Easily connect people to the information they need, anytime and from anywhere.

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Travel and Hospitality

An increased consumer awareness of all things sustainable, purposeful and health & well-being has set new benchmarks for hospitality enterprises.
  1. Standardization can no longer be the norm
  2. Create Value, focus on niche markets.
  3. Exploit Technology as an accelerator for business.
  4. Social responsibility is moral and economic obligation.
  5. Develop more responsive and resilient business models
  6. Manage talents actively.
Major technology firms will replace most hotel brands, because they can offer technology solutions and create markets to attract customers. The traditional hospitality industry will evolve into niche markets (serving specific types of customers), or extremely luxury sector (so they can afford to pay their staff a reasonable salary). Those who can’t identify their niche will become the money machines for technology companies. Some brands big enough may survive, but their business will get tougher.

Why choose us?

We strongly believe in CO-Innovation/Collaboration/Investment behind Plug & Play Technology. Once you come, we will build long-term relations with you and your personal interests, caring about and piquing genuine curiosity about your end-user’s lives.


MIC supports OMNI-Channel communications to provide optimal & personalized experience

MicroGrid (& for its products) has established a QMS following GAMP 4 & 5 practices, adhering to GxP processes, is Global ePA (Privacy Assessment) certified meeting the local DP laws, conforms to Risk & Compliance Policies, and has implemented 21 CFR Part 11 Governance and Documentation.



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