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MIC – MicroGrid Intelligent Connect-  Now MIC can be your emotional intelligent assistant, you can ASK your customers to talk MIC or you can ask your Customer service agents to be with your customer favorite channels Proactively. MIC is built over the CCAI platform, where it helps callers with a rich interface for engaging and personalized interactions. With concurrent call handling by Virtual Agent, removal of complex menus, and consistency in handling the user calls, the solution provides for optimization of resources, improvement of efficiencies and reduction of costs. With the Virtual Agent being interactive, the overall User journey is improved, and so is caller satisfaction.

At any given point in time the caller can take assistance from a Human Agent to address their specific requirement or report an Adverse Event. The Virtual Agent guides the Human Agent with the updated user conversation, till the point of call transfer. Overall, as a product, MIC acts as an accelerator of Digital transformation for Organizations to comprehensively support Customers during challenging times.

MIC can be deployed and downloaded through your App/Play store and make it as Companion buddy for your customers. You can talk through your Voice companion to support same functionality. MIC is not just a chatbot/VA it is way beyond you can do lot of transactions with MIC and Companion buddy.

#1 Software Solution for Healthcare Industry

MIC can support in Assisting Appointments
  • Scheduling appointments
  • In person
  • Virtual
  • Voice (Alexa/Google Assist)
  • Register patients and provide fail-proof appointment confirmations.
Voice Enabled
  • MIC can be your customer’s Voice Companion buddy.
  • They can talk to companion buddy to support any of your business Capability.
  • MIC is integrated with your Car Play.
  • MIC is integrated with Alexa and Google Assist.
MIC support Feedback & Communication
  • Order updates, cancellation, reschedule
  • Rate and receive a feedback on Particular Program
  • MIC can make Outbound calls based on certain conditions for example : Cancellation of trip, follow up on receiving the payment, check status on Adherence program.
  • Understand Inbound calls and route to right Customer Agent.
  • Options for reminders and updates, drop out reasons.
MIC can be your total IVR Solution
  • Integrated with Voximplant
  • Integrated with Twilio, Genesis, CISCO
  • ASTERIX, Vonage, Voxline
  • SIP trunk (Kamailio), Freeswitch
  • MIC can be your Plug and play for your outbound/inbound calls.
  • It support and delivers total PBX solution for your contact centers to be efficient.
Support Consent Management
  • Verifies and identify the user
  • Confirm Online and Verbal based consent.
  • You can get your auto-payment for consent
  • Can push the encrypted consent to your CRM- Salesforce.
Support Digital signature
  • MIC can support Signing the forms .
  • You can generate your own forms and send it to your customers to e-sign/fax them.
  • Reduces the over head on document processing through our DOC AI.
Content Management
  • MIC support based on your user preferences and personalize and recommend right kind of content for them.
  • You can record your own content and publish on similar sites.
Ride Share
  • MIC support to book your Ride- Uber/Lyft from within your existing interface.
Social Media & Collaboration tools
  • MIC is integrated with Social Media stack
  • What’sapp
  • FB
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Slack
  • MS Teams
Analytics – MIC provide 360 Degree view of
  • Prescriptive
  • Predictive
  • Descriptive analytics
Benefits to Contact Centers & Care Providers
  • Eliminating /Minimizing ‘on hold‘ / waiting times of traditional IVRS system
  • Integrated with Medical Dictionary, Software, APIs, Telephone and many other industry specific systems to offer a wide range of integrated services
  • Real-time assistance to human agent to be more productive
  • Minimizing number of steps to resolution, automate the tasks.
  • Technology facilitates training and coaching and ease of onboarding new employees.
  • Transfer of mundane tasks to the virtual agent
  • Real-time assistance to human agent, enhancing human capabilities and empowerment
  • Elimination of errors attributable to human fatigue or forgetfulness or lack of expertise or training
  • Create a frictionless and positive customer experience
  • Reduced attrition rates at contact center as work becomes easier and pleasant
OMNI Channel Presence
Provide the user with multiple options on choice of channels. You can build once and instantly access them on Telephony, chat bot, messaging apps like Facebook, smart assistants, and enterprise channels and proactively discuss with your favorite channels of your customers.

Why choose us?

We strongly believe in CO-Innovation/Collaboration/Investment behind Plug & Play Technology. Once you come, we will build long-term relations with you and your personal interests, caring about and piquing genuine curiosity about your end-user’s lives.
MIC Capabilites for Patient Journey

Patient Journey and Capabilities

Activation & Awareness
  • Diseases Education Awareness
  • Medication training/Coaching, Communities together ( similar Diseases)
  • Pre/ Infusion/Post Infusion services
  • Symptom Tracker
  • Registration / Single Sign On
  • Approval of user activation to access portal.
Patient Program & diagnosis
  • Consent/ SRF/Terms and conditions Management
  • Adherence program enrolment
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Connected Health ( Device Apple, Alivcor, fitbit, Sleeping devices etc.)
  • Health Data (EMR) integration
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Benefit Verification
  • PA, Bridge Program
  • Financial Assistance program
  • Free Product./Delivery support
  • Co-pay, Coupons/Vouchers
  • Financial Assistance program
  • Call Center Operations
  • Adherence Program
  • Reminders
Post Care & Co-ordination
  • AE Reporting
  • OMS
  • Patient engagement/Monitoring (Post Infusion)
  • HCP Specialists Care Co-ordination
  • Patient Communities
  • Connected health
  • (Eco-system i.e Registered Dietician, Physio, Cario, etc)
MicroGrid (& for its products) has established a QMS following GAMP 4 & 5 practices, adhering to GxP processes, is Global ePA (Privacy Assessment) certified meeting the local DP laws, conforms to Risk & Compliance Policies, and has implemented 21 CFR Part 11 Governance and Documentation.

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Health Care

Digital medicine uses technology to help make the care you receive better by collecting more health data than was previously available. Many digital medicines provide personalized information to either healthcare providers or consumers. This information can then be used to guide treatment decisions or potentially suggest medication dose changes.

  • Digital Medicine includes evidence-based software and hardware products that measure and/or intervene in the service of human health.
  • Requirements for regulatory oversight vary. DM are classified as medical devices require clearance or approval.DM products used as tool to develop other drugs, devices, or Medical products require regulator acceptance by appropriate review division.
These DTx products may be something that you can buy on your own — like an over-the-counter (OTC) product — or that your healthcare provider prescribes to you. Prescribed digital therapeutics (PDTs) would be similar to a medication that you take. But instead of going to the pharmacy for refills on medications, it may be an app or device that you use and your provider can remotely monitor to see if it is helping you

DTx are still relatively new and undergoing clinical testing. But several are on the market, including:
  • An app that can help people with Type 1 or 2 diabetes manage their condition and help guide insulin dosing
  • An app that uses AI to help people with depression overcome negative thoughts and behavior over a 12-week treatment period with one to two 30-minute sessions a week
  • A app that helps with muscle pain by using your smartphone’s camera to help guide you through physical therapy and provide feedback on your progress
Digital health includes Lot of benefits technology that you may already use, such as:
  • Improving communication with your healthcare provider
  • Sharing health data (e.g., blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature) with your healthcare provider from home instead of waiting for an appointment
  • Helping healthcare providers better customize treatments and healthcare decisions
  • Making healthcare providers and services more accessible for people
  • Lowering healthcare costs
  • Telehealth platforms
  • Exercise and diet apps
  • Medication adherence apps
  • Meditation and mindfulness apps
  • Fitness trackers that measure how far you walk or how well you sleep
  • Smartwatches that track health vitals (e.g., heart rate, blood pressure)
Digital Disease Management
Digital platforms that help patients with chronic conditions or help with prevention
Consumer Digital Medicine

Products and services ordered and paid for by consumers (e.g., “wellness apps”)

Digital Diagnostics

Digital products that clinically diagnose or facilitate a diagnosis, often assisted by AI

Digital Component

A digital element of a previously existing drug or medical device

Prescription Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Digital therapies prescribed to treat a medical condition

Case Studies

Connected Patient + HCP Experience (Front-End)
Traditional Workflow – Google CCAI Capabilities
Workflow - IVR
Digital Patient + HCP Experience (Front-End)
App-Based Workflow Using Google CCAI Capabilities (Spoken + UI)



Use Cases

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