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DigiSign is a simple yet sophisticated all-in-one platform that enables the user to easily manage the creation, editing, and signing of documents.
Its workflow enablement provides step-forms, which allows splitting the form in accordance to different roles, sequences, and status of completion. The possibility of missing inputs is overcome, with intelligent identification, facilitating the users to complete the form-filling procedure. Finally, it enables secure digital signatures to be captured for Consent Authorization.

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Technology We Use


  • Secure Digital Signatures
  • Form Creation and Editing
  • AI-based Identification of Absent Fields
  • Role-based Form Splitting
  • Storage, Retrieval, and Utilization of Form Data

Business Benefits

  • Simplified form filling and approval by the assigned signatories
  • Data Protection
  • 60% Quicker Turnaround Time for Form Filling
  • Intelligent Identification of missing/illegible/incorrect inputs and fields
  • Routing for revision and re-approval

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