MG Digital Health

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A comprehensive digital ecosystem built to provide a simplified yet robust end-to-end health journey for each stakeholder – The Patient, Provider, Payer, and Pharma. The MG Digital Health Suite is built to be completely modular, and can be implemented either independently, or as a front-end accoutrement to our CAIP Core – MIC – to enable its full AI potentialities.

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Technology We Use


  • Infusion Centers & Patients Onboarding
  • Self-service Portal for HCPs
  • Dosage Kit Calculator
  • Infusion Calendar
  • Lab Tracker
  • Infusion Centers Map
  • On Demand Training for HCPs & Staff
  • Awareness Quiz
  • Client Dashboard

Business Benefits

  • Therapy Initiation
  • Communication with Patients using different channels (SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Voice Call, Two-way conversation through SMS & WhatsApp)
  • Education
  • Monitoring and Dosage Plan
  • Appointments
  • Side Effects and Assistance
  • Overview of Efficacy
  • Emotional Engagement
  • HCP Assistance
    • to improve patient follow-up before, during and after drug infusion
    • in calculating the dosage of a drug
    • in treatment planning and drug infusion
    • in tracking and monitoring patient health through diagnostic reports
    • Infusion Center’s ability to customize the registration process; Meet SOP and regulatory requirements
  • HCP and Staff capacity building through training content.

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