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Analytics provide an understanding on the trends on traffic and user behavior. Using GA360 allows the usage of data to create compelling visualization stories, which in turn provide access to unique insights into behavioural analysis to make the most of your data.

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Technology We Use


  • Traffic Analysis
  • User Behavior
  • Call Analytics
  • Transcript and Recording Storage
  • Audit Trail
  • AE Identification
  • Survey and Feedback

Business Benefits

  • Ease in retrieving the real-time data from source to destination system and thereby providing a unified customer view on a single platform.
  • Traffic analysis to facilitate Campaign Management
  • User behavior analysis to fine-tune the usecase
  • Call Analytics to provide insights through dashboards on call success rates.
  • To provide storage for transcripts and recordings to facilitate AE Identification and Audit Trails.
  • Decision tools to improve decision making

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