MicroGrid Intelligent Connect

MIC is a full-suite CAIP that consistently converses with, educates, and guides your customers across channels towards the right solution.

Why MIC?

Our Approach

  • A synergy between capabilities and skills is critical to deliver a conversational experience that is effective, effortless and extraordinary.
  • To make MIC a fully comprehensive CAIP, we mapped the capabilities, developed, and assessed their maturity while charting a roadmap for building future capabilities.
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MIC Overview

  • MIC was designed to do what a human agent would do and allow users to self-serve using a natural and intuitive interface i.e. a human-like, natural language conversation.
  • MIC is a robust end-to-end pipeline for intelligent data-driven conversational AI that works across channels, and with both in-house and other popular front-end suites.
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Patient Journey Overview

We intend to cover the entire end-to-end Patient Journey, from Activation to Post-treatment.

  • Disease Education & Awareness
  • Medication Training/Coaching
  • Pre/ Infusion/ Post-infusion Services
  • FAQs, Symptom Tracker, Risk Calculator

  • Enrolment
  • Consent/ SRF/Terms and Conditions Management
  • Scheduling Appointments, Reminders.
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Connected Health (Apple, Alivecor, Fitbit, Sleeping Devices etc.)
  • Health Data (EMR) Integration

  • Treatment Planning & Administration
  • Contact Centre Operations
  • AE Reporting
  • Benefit & Insurance Verification
  • Physician Assistant, Bridge Program
  • Financial Assistance program
  • Free Product/Delivery Support
  • Co-pay, Coupons/Vouchers

  • Adherence & Dropout Monitoring
  • Drug Order Management
  • Patient Engagement/Monitoring (Post-infusion)
  • HCP Specialists Care Co-ordination
  • Feedback & Survey
  • Data Analytics (Traffic, Call & Trends) & Dashboard
  • Patient Communities
  • Connected Health (Eco-system i.e. Registered Dietitian, Physio, Cardio, etc)
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How It works

Our advance AI system work seamlesly & smartly.

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Identify the probelm
with ai
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Collect data with our
advance ai.
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Deliver Accurate data
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Human labor hours saved
with help of AI


Generated revenue by
AI Solutions


Saved operational costs
due to AI

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1012 Pebda Parkway, Mirpur 2
Dhaka, Banglades

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